Advertise Now For Maximum Exposure!

For anyone who is smart enough to buy cheap direct advertising….then THIS is the place for you to be! 1  For now, I am going to start by offering 2 different variations of advertising through my blog as listed below:

Paid Review

With a paid review I will be willing to do a review over any product, service, website, blog…basically anything and post my findings on my blog.  This will be on the front page of my blog for almost a week.  Besides the mass visitors from my blog I have a decent e-mail and RSS subscriber base which this review would also be sent out to.  This is the perfect opportunity to get some brand awareness out or just hijack some of my traffic!

Price: $200 per review

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125 x 125 Banner Spot

Maximize your exposure with a 125 x 125 banner spot on my sidebar.  Your banner will be on every page of my site so you should have no problem getting visitors.  Also if you need some PR juice to your site, for an extra 20% you can get the nofollow tags turned off!

Price: $60 per month

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Got An Idea For Something Else?

If you are interested in ANY sort of advertising through me or my site, please contact me using the form below.  This really is the quickest way.  If you are really anxious about things, send me your msn messenger or aim username and I can contact you through one of those instant messaging programs.