Adwords Clicks at $0.02 CPC? Is This Real? Yep!

A couple days ago I threw up some campaigns on adwords to try and test how to get cheaper more reasonable clicks.  I am not using any cloaking or keyword stuffing or ANYTHING.  This is as white hat as you can get…

Cheap Clicks on Adwords
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Now this hasn’t been worked with at all, these are just today’s results when I went in to start tweaking some campaigns that were doing good.  Now look at this.  I am getting clicks from adwords at $0.02 per clicks!  This is officially the cheapest clicks I have ever seen.  This traffic is not only coming in cheap, but converting very very well.  I know the traffic is very low on this, but with the CTR I am obtaining it doesn’t matter, PLUS this screenshot was taken mid-morning when not much traffic had flowed through.  However, it has been running at this same $0.02 CPC since I’ve thrown it up and it still is.  Now that I have tweaked the campaign just a bit and added a few more campaigns, I think the ctr will rise even more.

The biggest reason I wanted to show this to you is because look, I am barely getting any impressions, yet I turn the few impressions I get into clicks, then I convert those clicks into leads or sales.  This campaign is profiting very well for me right now, and I wanted others to see that you don’t need tons of searches, you don’t need tons of keywords, you just need to focus on the ones that matter.

Another point I wanted to make is, like most of my other campaigns, the 80/20 rule still continues to apply.  If you look, you can tell out of that campaign one keyword is doing about 80% of the traffic, and also 80% of the profit result.  Instead of worrying about getting every keyword making money, just zone in on the campaigns or keywords that do well, and worry about making it better.

ANYONE can make money with PPC, just go after targeted traffic, make a targeted add.  Don’t worry about boatloads of traffic, just worry on the traffic that matters!

Has anyone seen clicks on adwords recently cheaper then $0.02?  Anyone else have any methods or theories as to how to properly get cheap adwords clicks?  I’m interested to hear if anyone has anything to offer on this conversation.