LinkValu shows their professional side.

**UPDATE** April 30, 2008 – Updated news on LinkValu **UPDATE**

The other day out of the blue I received a call from Debi Rabin over at LinkValu.  As soon as I heard the words "LinkValu" I was quite stunned to be honest.  What stunned me even more was that Debi started the conversation off by apologizing for how I was mistreated by my previous contact from LinkValu.  She went on to explain how LinkValu made some personnel adjustments and that a big part of the problem was misunderstandings and miscommunication.  Either way, Debi apologized repeatedly, and persuaded me into giving them another shot.  I haven’t had any time to personally test out any offers yet, but if you have any sort of traffic related to insurance/life insurance LinkValu definitely has some good offers you should test out. Debi went over a lot of their offers with me over the phone and was really happy to help me get a roll on things.

So if you read my initial post, and were biased towards hating linkvalu.  I urge you to give them a chance.  They may not be so bad after all.  As soon as I get some spare time I will certainly be giving a few of their offers a shot.

It takes more guts to call someone up and apologize for something, especially when it wasn’t you that caused the problem.  I would have to say Debi did a great job of contacting me politely and respectfully and doing whatever she could to help make up for the problem that had occurred.


While I was in Vegas at Affiliate Summit West I ran across a lot of people and companies wanting me to come check out their networks or hoping I could get them traffic.  One of these companies was LinkValu.  When I got home I went to the network, signed up, waited for my call to confirm the account.  Note that I have never ever been denied from any network and I am in A LOT.

So I get a call a couple hours ago from a friend asking me if I have ever heard of LinkValu.  I said no other than the fact that I had just signed up a few days ago to check them out.  He was telling me how they called him up and just made no sense, treated him like shit, then denied him.  Ok…whatever….certainly not a good way to do business but that’s their choice, doesn’t mean they treat everyone that way.

I am not kidding you within 15 minutes of my friend telling me about this situation…I get a call from LinkValu.  I don’t remember who I was talking to but he starts off telling me he is from LinkValu.  Asks me how I plan on sending traffic.  I explained I would be sending almost all of my traffic through PPC.  He then starts explaining how they have these insurance offers and that they only make a couple sales a year…yada yada…..I mentioned that I already run a couple different insurance offers so I’m familiar with that sort of traffic.  I don’t think he even quit listening to his own voice to hear me say a word because I certainly wasn’t acknowledged.  Next he asks me how much I spend monthly informing me that they only deal with people who spend over $20,000 a month in ad costs.  I told the linkvalu loser that I did around $200 a day which was only $6000 a month.  He stuttered a bit then said "actually that doesn’t come out that high in my calculations".  Come on dude, $200 x 30 = $6000.  That is a very simple formula.  Now as if all of this wasn’t just stupid enough….the guy than says.  Well we don’t generally accept blogs either.  Are you serious?????  I JUST GOT DONE TELLING YOU I SEND ALL MY TRAFFIC THROUGH PPC! 

Anyways, I didn’t feel like wasting my time arguing with some network I had never heard anything about so I told him to please disregard my application because I no longer wanted to join their network and I hung up on him.

There are many things to be said here.  First of all, if they can’t treat the average person with a little bit of dignity, how do you think this network will treat you when you are their affiliate?  I guarantee the first time a problem arises you will be taking it in the ass…not them.  Second of all…..when are people going to figure out it isn’t about your ad costs.  I can either a) lie about what i spend a month or b) actually be effective at what I do being able to maximize profits while keeping my ad costs extremely low.  It just goes to show how little some of these networks really know.

Linkvalu is definitely voted the worst Affiliate network of 2008!  Congratulations guys!