Let the contextual traffic begin!

Well I finally started getting some traffic through the contextual adware networks.  Media Traffic was definitely the quickest at getting back to me and even offering help.  I met Basil from Media Traffic at Affiliate Summit and he has been nothing more than helpful along the whole path of getting things converted over for testing.

One thing I have run into so far is that this network doesn’t pass on a referral URL.  Instead they use a different method to send on the variable so you know where the traffic is coming from.  Because of this me and my programmer have been working on modifying the script so that it is compatible "out of the box" with this sort of traffic.  I will probably be putting in a lot of time this week yet testing everything out.

So far adding campaigns is way way easier then setting up a PPC campaign.  Not only that but you don’t ever have to write ads, which is usually the longest and most tedious part of the process for me.  I have noticed with adware traffic using the same keywords as my PPC campaigns wouldn’t really be possible in many cases.  The way you target your traffic with contextual is yet very similar to PPC, but still different.  These are the changes I am trying to adapt to throughout this whole process.

I haven’t showed INCREDIBLE results yet with this type of traffic, but am certainly seeing the opportunity if I can work everything out and play around with this for a week or two.

If any of you are testing out contextual traffic, leave a comment and let me know what your experience has been!

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  1. Jason

    Hey Trev,

    How is the Contextual Traffic project coming along? You haven’t posted about it in a few weeks. Making any profits? If so, what seems to be your ROI?


    Jason G

  2. @Jason the contextual traffic is going great. I moved from just testing contextual to testing any traffic sources though. I am making a lot of profits from it and my ROI really depends on the campaign.

    @Secret Google Tactics I can EASILY run out of my faily budget, however at Mediatraffic the quality has gone down tremendously. I have switched over to some other networks that I am doing the majority of my volume at.

  3. I have just started with contextual traffic sources. I created a campaign at MediaTraffic, but it was rejected because of the destination URL. I emailed today to see what the problem was, but have not heard anything just yet. I would love to hear what other sites you are advertising on.

  4. Melissa, there are a few different sites out there you can be using. You could check out Trafficvance or Zango which are like Mediatraffic. There is also a company called Ice Water Media that has the same traffic and concept, except they fully manage everything, you don’t get to choose the keywords and urls you want your ads being displayed from.

  5. Hi bro, i like the info in your blog, keep it up.

    I have a question, do u know any other ‘adware traffic network’ besides zango, mediatraffic and adonnet? Im doing a research to start trying out this kind of traffic and I want to find the most places to get adware traffic i can.


  6. Thanks man, you could try Trafficvance and IceWaterMedia also. I believe they require quite a bit larger down payment then services like Zango and Mediatraffic.

  7. Ice Water Media has been the best for me so far. They are also backed by an affiliate network called LevelClick.com . They were able to give me a customized landing page designed for PPC marketing as well. Here is the coolest part: They also suggested that I use a system called LevelCall. They gave me a unique 800 number that I could advertise for debt relief and showed me how to make it work with google and yahoo. Every person that called the number and stayed on the phone for over sixty seconds made me $55.00 in my levelclick account. The stats were all online and real-time. I made over $3k last month in profit and they sent the check on time. so I highly recommend u check out what they have to offer. Hopefully I am not giving away too many tips here 😉

  8. JP

    CPV contextual networks are on the way out. No one like their traffic because they embed spy ware into your computer. Also pop up blockers are making these networks obsolete. I wouldn’t waste the time to set up contextual campaigns. I have tried every network mentioned above and other Zango, Mediatraffic, icewater, trafficvance, vibrant, ezula, etc…. These are all garbage, dont waste your time

  9. vensen


    I have just signed up for trafficvance. but they require me to have a referral with a minimum daily spending of $50.

    Can anyone help to refer me?

  10. Great blog, just signed up for Ad On Network… which was SUPER Easy compared to TrafficVance that also want me to produce a referral that spends at least $50 a day, what a drag.

    Gonna check out Media Traffic this week or next. Has anyone studied or heard of PPV Formula? Been studying that material and ready to apply some tactics and figure out CPV.

    Trevor, how is CPV treating you now that it’s been a year since you posted this? I gotta do a writeup on my experience with this CPV/PPV stuff, I think it will only grow as more folks get onboard and it expands it’s reach globally.

  11. Thanks Maurice,

    I have gone over all of the ppvf materials in the past, however I had been using cpv before Guaher came out with that course, so I already had experience.

    CPV is still treating me great. I would have to say the competition in the cpv/ppv area has actually reduced a bit. About a year ago or so it seems like it was more saturated then it is now, and a couple of newer companies have popped up since then also.

    Trafficvance and Mediatraffic have always been my favorite sources of ppv traffic but adon Adon and Direct CPV follow right behind. The traffic is cheaper, but I can never get quite as much traffic or profitibility out of those two networks.

  12. (JP) In MediaTraffic you can change from pop-up to pop-under..There is no way to block a pop-under! Everyone should also try category targeting starting at $7 CPM and scaling up at $1 after you find the “Money Campaign” using URL targets. Extreme targeting is fine to test with but in order to really make good money from a zip or email submit you must take the profitable campaigns and start an category campaign. Making it a set and forget campaign! 🙂

  13. If you are from a ppv/cpv network, DO not just post comments spamming your networks. If you want to use my blog as advertising space, let me know and offer me something. You could buy banner space or even give me a discount at your company, but please stop coming in here and spamming your companies in my blog comments.

  14. Liz Kuhlman

    Another great PPV company is linksador.com I have been using them for the last month and get great conversions much better than mediatraffic or zango

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