Poor CTR in adwords? Fix it with this SINGLE tip!

So everyone is coming to me complaining about getting google slapped and high bid prices allllll the time.

I have never really had any problems at all so I started playing around with methods and strategies that could maybe help the normal marketer be able to get lower AND KEEP low bid prices.

This is simple so I will keep it simple.

First, start by creating your campaign with the related keywords in the campaign name.  Next create your ad group again with the keywords your going to be bidding on as the name.

Second, add your keywords as EXACT MATCH ONLY!  Do not add phrase or broad match yet.  Let these keywords run for a coulpe of days and keep a super high CTR, next add your phrase matched keywords into the ad group for a few days and continue to monitor, tweaking as needed.

I would highly recomend almost never using broad match keywords, but sometimes its just needed.  If this is the case, then add these keywords last, monitoring them like the rest.

This simple little trick of adding your keywords in this 3 step process will keep your CTR extremely high, while keeping your bid prices low.  I have found that as long as I keep my CTR high I have no problems at all with any google slaps.