Secretly discover profitable Adsense opportunities.

While working within the PPC engines, you most likely will go over thousands if not millions of keywords over your career.  What you DON’T know is that there are many times that perfect opportunity to profit from AdSense are actually falling into your lap, and you don’t even know it!

Here you go…

When working within these engines, anytime you are bidding on keywords in the search engine and content network both, you can compare the CPC between the two sources and analyze this data.  What I have found is that anytime the CPC on the content network is 70% or higher than the CPC on the search network, this opens up a perfect opportunity to create some sort of a mini site, blog, or content based site.  Now you can monetize these sites with AdSense and you are almost guaranteed to get high click price.  If you have any knowledge of SEO this should be a pretty simple for you to do.

If you really want to take advantage of this (or don’t know anything about SEO), you could than go to any smaller PPC networks such as looksmart, enhance, miva or 7search and drive traffic to your page with the adsense on it. 

This can be a perfect opportunity to take your research from your PPC campaigns, analyze it, then profit from it, all in a days work!