Not very many, get adwords clicks for a penny!

So awhile back I posted about my $0.02 clicks in AdWords because I wanted to prove to people that it is still VERY possible to obtain cheap CPC prices in adwords as long as you are going about things in a responsible manner.

After I made that post showing the cheap clicks, I thought to myself a couple days later…Yeah they are cheap clicks…but most people get slapped a week later and the bid prices go sky high, unable to obtain a profit anymore, the campaign is shut down.  Your now once profitable campaign has dogged out a week later and isn’t making you a penny…

Welllllll I went back to check the CPC of that campaign a bit ago to make a post here showing that I don’t get Google slapped and realized that my bid prices HAVE DROPPED TO $0.01!!!  Yes that is one penny per click!

adwords cheapest cpc

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This campaign has been running for quite some time now and the clicks only got cheaper.  This is the cheapest they can possibly go.  So if you doubt the methods I go over here, this should be PROOF that they work and do what I say they do .