Affspy rocks my socks off!

Less than 12 hours ago I posted a simple review on because I thought this was a very useful little tool.

Stephen, the CEO and Founder of Affspy ran across my post and emailed me a free press preview account.  I have now gotten to dig in and check this out a bit and I would like to say IT IS NICE!

This is a tool I will definitely be using regularly when working with any CPA offers.  I have been aware since the beginning that different networks have different payouts.  I have always done a great job of checking all of that out before putting an offer up.  However, I already found three offers I have up which I am not getting the highest payout thanks to my new account at Affspy.

When Stephen emailed me, he also informed me of a couple of things I wasn’t aware of, and would like to pass this on to everyone reading this.

First of all, AffSpy plans to keep its core services free for affiliates. This is not just limited to beta testers as I had previously heard and posted about in my last post.

Second, Stephen started creating AffSpy and at the time there were no other similar tools. Affspy was not intended to be a copycat of any existing service (like Affiliate Radar’s offer vault). As of right now it is the best tool available of its kind and has many unique features you can’t find anywhere else.

You can check out Affspy’s press release at for any new information.