Cialdini knows the power of persuasion.

A while back, I had a friend read over an important email I had written.  He came back at me suggesting something I had surprisingly never heard of.  He explained the reasoning behind why I should do it and it made complete sense to me.  After trying this secret trick out, I noticed a MUCH better response rate to my emails…

Now that was quite some time back, but I ran across this exact information again from a gentleman named Robert Cialdini and wanted to pass it on since I think it is valuable information:

Principle 4 : Consistency
Commitment and consistency.
In restaurants, they have problems with people that make a reservation then don’t show up.

Solution :
"Please call if you have to cancel your reservation"
"Will you please call if you have to cancel your reservation ?"
–> You are now asking for commitment

Public commitment is strong < written commitement is even stronger.


Do you have any super secret simple techniques you use to persuade the mind?  Leave a comment, lets get some input flowing!