Interesting Affiliate Summit Affstat Report…

I ran across a report compiled by the affiliate summit crew which gives some decent information to give you an idea of the “average” online marketer.  I found some of the stats kind of surprising….like the fact that 42% of affiliates have never asked for an increase on their offer payouts.  I was also kind of surprised that 15% of marketers don’t track anything.  That is like campaign suicide in my opinion.

The most shocking information I saw was that the average gross monthly income with affiliate programs chimed in with 46% making $0 – $500.  Guess that one kind of stunned me I would have thought that number to be far higher.  I guess there are lot of factors that could have skewed the results a bit but for the most part I would guess its fairly accurate.

Anyways, here is the report….enjoy!

2009 Affiliate Summit AffStat Report

Oh yeah, I noticed that my blog was listed in the “Blogs for Affiliate Marketers to Read” so thanks to whoever made that possible!