Interesting Affiliate Summit Affstat Report…

I ran across a report compiled by the affiliate summit crew which gives some decent information to give you an idea of the “average” online marketer.  I found some of the stats kind of surprising….like the fact that 42% of affiliates have never asked for an increase on their offer payouts.  I was also kind of surprised that 15% of marketers don’t track anything.  That is like campaign suicide in my opinion.

The most shocking information I saw was that the average gross monthly income with affiliate programs chimed in with 46% making $0 – $500.  Guess that one kind of stunned me I would have thought that number to be far higher.  I guess there are lot of factors that could have skewed the results a bit but for the most part I would guess its fairly accurate.

Anyways, here is the report….enjoy!

2009 Affiliate Summit AffStat Report

Oh yeah, I noticed that my blog was listed in the “Blogs for Affiliate Marketers to Read” so thanks to whoever made that possible!

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  1. Pretty cool resources listed there. 50% still using just spreadsheets? Please don’t tell me thats just alone. I can’t stand staring at Excel. It’s hell! Thank god for P202 + custom solutions!

    • That one definitely surprised me to. I remember using spreadsheets for about the first week and getting way to stressed out by them. I have heard of some people using pivot tables with excel and just loving it. I’ve never taken the time to look at what pivot tables are but I’m assuming it isn’t for me though.

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