Content Sharing Web 2.0 Sites

If you read my previous article on what a subsite really is, then you may have been wondering what are some more social networking sites that can be used as subsites (or methods to get links to your subsites).  There are literally thousands of different social sites that could be used for either of these purposes.  Instead of making you weed through everything though, I will go over a few of the ones that I have actually used and gotten good results with.


Squidoo was pretty hot for awhile there and everyone was trying to get squidoo lenses out as fast as possible.  Because of this Google made a couple changes to their algorithm that seemed to drop some of the squidoo pages from their usual first page rankings.  Because of this, the hype has seemed to pass on Squidoo, however the pages STILL rank really well.


Here is another site similar to squidoo, you can post articles and many other things.  There isn’t much to say other than you can use this site for traffic and backlinks back to your main site.


These guys have been around quite awhile and seem to be pretty solid whenever I use them.


Gather is another great network.  I have heard many references to Gather from a lot of respected web marketers I know.  I think there is a lot of potential here and I plan on taking advantage of it much more this year.


Flixya works great for traffic generation and backlinks also.  Flixya has seemed to rank really well in the search engines from the tests I have done so far.  Another stellar possibility as a Web 2.0 subsite.

Google Notebook

Now I know many of you may be surprised to see this one on the list.  I installed Google Notebook as a plugin to firefox awhile back and was using it for my own reasons, mostly for taking quick notes, etc…I mean it is called Google Notebook.  What I found was that you could publish your notes which in turn can rank really well in search engines and help drive great traffic to your site.


This is a great method for companies to start a really quick e-commerce store usually geared towards clothing lines.  You can use this to create your own store.  However, you can use this for your own benefits  if you don’t want to run an e-commerce store, which I’m guessing none of you are to concerned about if your reading this.


Here you can write reviews of your site, or reference your site in the review of a product or service of something else.  This can be used really well to get linkjuice to one of your subsites you already have setup.

Yahoo! Answers

This can be used as a great traffic driving tool.  Incase you are new to this, what happens is people post questions that they have.  You can go around and post an answer to the questions that have been posted.  These questions are viewed by the person who posted it and by many others.  If you can give an answer to something in your niche or category, you can really get some traffic flowing to your subsite using Yahoo! Answers.


This site is designed to be a shopping center site.  One useful thing about this is that people are probably in a shopping mode, and more willing to take an action and make a sale, or whatever it is you want them to do.  There is a section of the site called Help Me Choose!  You can use this as a great way to quiz other shopping consumers by putting up a quiz which will give you answers to questions you need answered.


Here is a really unique site.  At Slideshare you can post powerpoints which other people browse through and check out.  You could use this for so many reasons I’m not going to even start listing them.  One great thing I’ve noticed is that many people who seem to classify themselves as guru will go here to scrape for information on a subject.  By having a powerpoint at slideshare with information you want to get out, people will trust this information and tend to pass it on quite a bit.


Twitter is technically a content sharing site, but is a little bit different than many others.  Here you can share a few characters about what you are doing at that specific moment.  This is a great place to get url’s out there and drive traffic to where you want to want it to go.

These sites are all great sites that you can use to build your Web 2.0 empire.  Get out there, create some subsites for your main site, get a few backlinks and start driving some traffic to these subsites.

If you have played around with traffic generating techniques from any web 2.0 sites, comment and let me know which ones, and if you were happy or unhappy with the results.