Which Affiliate/CPA Network is Best?

This is another one of those questions that I get hit with all the time.  It seems most people will never be FULLY content with the network or networks they are a member of.  I can see why…most of them do suck.

I have been around since the day Commission Junction opened.  I used them (and still do a bit) for quite awhile, but when I really started to make a lot of decent money, was when I switched over and started using a model which consisted choosing offers from CPA networks.  The payouts are usually higher and lean more towards getting paid for an action, such as a lead, or the sale of a specific product or service, which makes it a bit easier to get targeted traffic flowing.

I am in or have joined probably close to 50 different networks.  Out of these networks there are around 10-15 that I regularly push traffic to.  Although there are a few networks that jump around as my favorite network, there are always the same that stay at the top.  Here they are…

Hydra Network

Hydra always seems to have kickass payouts and quite a large variety of offers to choose from.  Not only this but Hydra has been wiring me my check on time since the day I joined.  Hydra also offers an incentive system which can get you some pretty nice bonuses at the end of each month.

On a side note, for any of you who are on Hydra, I won the iPhone they were giving away sometime in november, you may have noticed the email they sent out to the ENTIRE network about this


Here is another pretty solid network.  They don’t have a TON of offers, but quite a large selection.  I have cranked in some pretty decent checks from these guys and would have to say from what I have experienced their affiliate managers actually care about how you are doing.


I always seem to find offers at neverblue that are unique to other networks out there.  Although they will have many of the usual ones, I would highly suggest just checking them out if you ever feel like your in a slump for finding something new to advertise.  These guys are also really fair with their affiliates.


This is another network out there that seems to have a bit smaller customer base, but they have a lot of offers you won’t find elsewhere and they also treat their affiliates extremely well.  As you can see, that is something that is really important to me, so that is a big part of why some of these networks are being listed here.

Here are some others that I use who haven’t let me down over the years…


Direct Leads

Now you know many of the places where I dig up offers at when I want to create or monetize any new traffic.  If your not already a member at these places, go signup, check out what they have to offer, and start piling in the dough.