ChaCha sends answers straight to your cell phone!

Quite some time back I had checked out this human run search engine called ChaCha.  It was ok but in my opinion somewhat of a flop, if anything it was useful only for complete internet newbies.

More recently I found out that ChaCha changed the way they work.  The way ChaCha works now is that you send off a text message with the question that you need answered to ChaCha (242242).  ChaCha is run by paid human searches to find the answer to your texted questions.

In case text messaging isn’t your thing, you can also call ChaCha at 1-800-2ChaCha (1-800-224-2242) and ask your question.  ChaCha will follow up with the answer to your question in a text message.

I wanted to pass this on to some of you because this service actually does come in pretty handy for me.  I mean come on its like having a personal assistant that you can text any question you have to and he will reply back with the answer!

If anyone knows of any other similar services to this please comment and let me know!