My Thinkpad “keyboard beeps” bug made me think…

The other day my brother was down for a visit and we out of the blue decided to trade laptops.  He has a Lenova Thinkpad T61 which is actually a pretty decent little machine.

After having it a few days I noticed that certain things trigger the computer to beep at me.  What I had found was anytime you would press 3 keys down it would beep…but not ALL of the time.

After googling a couple phrases I came across Elliot Lee’s blog where he had written a post about this problem.  He also posted a fix to this problem which DID fix the problem for me.  After reading through the simple fix and what EXACTLY causes the problem….I realized this MAY be useful information for us internet marketers.

What actually causes this crazy beep to happen is when you press any three key combination all in the same row including at least two of these keys: 4567rtyufghjvbnm.

I noticed other posts on other blogs and forums about this problem…and EVERYONE was wondering why would Lenova have something like this integrated into the thinkpad.

My guess is that it is something to alert you when you are possibly making a typo.  I have done extensive studying into misspellings and typos and have made quite a pretty penny from applying that information into the keywords I bid on and even the domains I buy.  When looking at this information, it seems to apply to many of the typo rules or theories that I have found.

If a company like IBM knows that sort of information and actually integrates it in to alert the user (if that’s really what its for)…it is something I think we can learn from even more.  I now know that a very common way to figure out and find new typos is to follow that little “algorithm” that is bolded above.

Hopefully this can help some of you brainstorm some new keyword or key phrase for the current campaigns you have up and running.

If any of you want MORE info on typos and misspellings, please do comment and let me know… If you have anything to add to the table…also…please do comment!