I want my traffic now!

I spent a lot of my day setting up campaigns in a couple different contextual networks.  I have found that it is very very simple to setup a campaign in the networks I have used.  All I have to do is copy and paste my keywords over then give my link.  ANYONE can do this sort of stuff.  Makes me wonder why it isn’t being exploited harder if this traffic source is really this easy…

Unlike most of the PPC engines however, you won’t start seeing traffic instantly.  I am waiting for a call back from Media Traffic to confirm my account.  Since I was in the mood to actually get some traffic flowing, I went over to Adonnetwork and started an account there.  I was auto accepted, however all of my campaigns are waiting to be authorized.  Once authorized they will go live and I will be able to see if all the hype on adware traffic is really valid or if it’s just hype.

I was hoping to get you all a post with some sort of information on the quality of the traffic from this source, but instead looks like you will have to wait another day or two.  While your waiting for the next post on my road to contextual traffic, why not comment here with any decent networks you may use already…

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  1. Hey Trevor, Just found your blog and its great :-). Anyway I’m new pretty to affiliate marketing and this is the first time I have heard of contextual networks. I did a quick Google on them but I still do not fully understand where your ads will be displayed. Any insight on this would be great! Thanks

  2. Hey Neil,

    To be honest, the word contextual is used pretty openly online. I have heard it being used for many different meanings. The type of contextual advertising I am talking about here is like traffic bought from “adware” companies. This may sound a bit dirty at first, but adware is actually 100% optin and can be uninstalled at anytime. It seems each of these companies allow different methods in purchasing traffic from them, but I am speaking about traffic like popunders or popups. I also see that adonnetwork uses something called transitional ads which is like an ad displayed before their visitor is actually passed on to the page they were on the way to see. Of course everything is targeted, and I have heard from some people who generally tend to speak the truth that this is a great method of traffic.

    I think maybe to clear things up I will make a post on what contextual traffic actually is and then explain what I am doing a bit more in depth….since I never REALLY did explain any of that 😛

    Watch out for that and for the rest of the case studies.

  3. Thanks for the explanation! I still don’t fully understand but I have the general Idea.

    Anyway I signed up to your rss so I wont miss any of your future posts ;-). Thanks for sharing this info!

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