Keyword Discovery’s Free Tool Loses Functionality

I have for a long time now used Keyword Discovery’s free search tool for most of my keyword research.  I took a decent break there for awhile and hadn’t thrown up any campaigns for awhile.  The other day though when I went to search for some certain keyword phrases I found the tool displaying this on many of the terms I was searching for: Search error: This search function requires a KeywordDiscovery subscription.

I didn’t really dig in depth to find out what all triggered that message instead of search results to be displayed, but I did find that if you search for anything .com it will display it.  I have started looking around for my new #1 free keyword research tool.  I know there are tons out there but so many are just junk that are more inaccurate than accurate.

If anyone has any suggestions on what to use please pass along your expertise.  Who knows maybe I will have to belly up for Keyword Discovery’s $70 a month charges to test out their actual pay service.  If its worth it and will help me increase my revenue, I will gladly pay that monthly fee.