Want to use question marks in your Yahoo Search Marketing ads?

Here is a simple little tip that will probably come in handy for a lot of you.

Not to long ago I posted about how Yahoo had disabled the use of question marks in their ads.  I had tested using the question marks in FireFox and in Internet explorer and the same thing happened in both browsers, the question mark simply disappears right after you enter it.

Welllll after discussing this with a good friend of mine we discovered that you actually CAN still use question marks in your ad, but ONLY if you import your campaigns.  I believe to have the import feature in your YSM account you have to spend over $300 a month for 3 consecutive months.  I also heard that this $300 amount may have risen to $500 more recently. 

This may be a problem for anyone just starting out.

I do know of a "loophole" to this if you are really desperate to get the import feature on your yahoo account.  If you sign up to Affiliate Radar they have worked out a deal with Yahoo to enable the import feature of your account, since it is needed to use Affiliate Radar properly.

I don’t know what it costs a month probably at least $50 bucks, but maybe you could signup, get the import feature from Yahoo, then either use your account if you like it, or just cancel it if it really doesn’t suit your needs.