teh mad haxor skillz

I realized that if I truly want to reach the goals I plan on reaching in life, that one way to quicken this process up a lot would be to broaden my knowledge on certain server side skillz.  To be a bit more specific, I plan right now on really hammering down on php and mysql.

I am big into automating what I do and have realized more and more the last year that knowing php can help me automate almost everything I do.  This is the number 1 reason I am going to further my knowledge in this area, and a very good reason why you should to!

I have started going through some tutorials online, I’ve also got some books laying around that I will dig into.  This is another great thing about working for myself….I can just dig into this stuff for as long as I want without any worry of having to "go to work" or going to bed so that I can get up in the morning.

Anyways, if any of you guys know any great resources, tutorials, script walkthroughs, just anything really great php/mysql related, you should definitely comment and let me know!