3 little tips to help solve your quality score issues…

If you are having quality score issues in adwords and have tried everything under the sun….than I have a small tip that just may help you out.

First of all, stop throwing up these total shit landing pages.  Do just a LITTLE bit of seo.  Do your simple onsite optimization.  Get at least a few backlinks.  That right there is going to help you out a ton if your not doing it already.

Now…for a few little pieces of info you may not have heard before.

  1. When I am setting up my landing pages, I generally name the images for seo purposes trying to fit the keywords in appropriately.  What I didn’t know is stuffing in to many keywords in the images on your page CAN in fact hurt your quality score. (Not that I was like…spamming keywords into my pages or anything)
  2. I also learned that instead of "overly" keyword stuffing the numerous image names you should be using a number instead.
  3. I learned that there are certain "stop words" that may trigger google to go back in and review your campaign a bit more thorough.

I imagine this may confuse some of you so let me give an example…

If I have up a weight loss landing page, I would be using short copy, often consisting of many images.  I would give almost if not all of the images names like greenteaweightloss.jpg, helpmeloseweight.jpg, etc.  In hopes that this would help please QS and get my keyword stuffed in just a bit more.

Now take that landing page, on the bottom of the page I have a button that says "Buy Me Now".  I would name this image… buygreenteapills.jpg or something similar.

NOT ONLY will google probably penalize me for naming almost every image something to do with losing weight, but they will also notice an image with the word buy in it.  That buy word is a "stop word" that very possibly could be triggering the adwords bot to call for a manual or more in depth review.  Free would be another type of stop word…Words that google generally don’t like.

Now to fix that scenario.  I would name images as relevant as possible and if its not going to HELP me out…I name it a number such as 1.jpg or 2.jpg or whatever.

This is one of those tips that you should keep in the back of your mind for that slapped campaign that you just can NOT figure out… It just may save it for you.