Underscores vs. Hyphens… Google’s Thoughts?

After finding some weird results in some SEO work, I had come to notice that underscores in urls didn’t seem to be treated as "word separators" in Google.

Although I had never actually done any sort of a study to confirm my suspicions, that is just A-OK, because I found a test done here that is worth reading and goes over the exact information you need to know.

To sum it up, google treats dashes (-) as a word separator, however google treats underscores(_) as nothing….just treats it as part of the word.

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  1. blog is great but this can’t be news to you, can it? Been more than a few very tight posts on this thus far in the field.

  2. Your right, there have been. However, I don’t really care what others post, because half the time people are totally full of shit. I would rather post information that I know is right or refer to sources that I know aren’t total BS…even if it is a bit late.

  3. Hey Trevor – as I mentioned, I like your blog – post wasn’t meant to cause you to spout off. Just a question 😉

  4. I wasn’t spouting off, sorry if it seemed that way.

    I was just answering your comment with an honest answer.

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