Free Private Registration For Your Domains!

I have been browsing around for a good solution to use for private registrations on all of my domain name purchases.

Everywhere I had checked out before charged a bit of cash for the service…HOWEVER….I ran across a way to get this service for free…along with some other small perks!

First, go to Google Apps Domain Registration page and check out all the information they provide for you on this process.

Once you begin the process of registering your domain, you will be brought to a page where you choose between eNom and GoDaddy as your domain registrar.

Google provides this information as to WHY we are using eNom or GoDaddy to register the domains.

Google doesn’t register or host domain names. We’ve partnered with a few domain registration partners (registrars) that offer these services because it’s a lot easier to set up a Google Apps account this way. Continue with the pre-selected company or choose another one of our trusted domain registration partners to fulfill your request. Your new domain will be pre-configured to work with Google Apps so that you won’t need to manually modify your DNS settings.

So Google is using GoDaddy or eNom to register the domain, and then they point the dns to their servers.  This is how everything is already setup for Google Apps to work (which btw is a pretty nice service).

I strongly urge all of you to check out this method of obtaining FREE private registrations with all of your domain purchases!

If you know of any great ways to get cheap or free private registration on your domains, leave a comment and let me know!

Note: If you are trying to use private registrations to game Google for PPC or SEO purposes, this is probably not the route you would want to take.  I would assume they could very easily see your "private" registration information since they are the ones acquiring it.

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  1. Hey T, maybe I’m not getting the question so plz let me know if I’m missing something. I’ve been avoiding google’s stuff because of their unusually adversarial position against affiliate marketers. That is pretty weird because really, every publication on this planet does the same thing so why be on the warpath for anyone that specifically works on a performance-based payment structure? Odd place to pick an enemy. Especially ironic given their foray into the same market.

    Anyhoo, I use 1&1 – 5.99 + privacy included. I’ve heard their hosting is awful and you can’t register domains for multiple years outright. They auto-register yearly so nothing will drop but if you’re one that buys into the multi-year domain bit 1&1 is not a spot that can help. That being said, I’ve hosted domains with them for a few years and have never had a single problem.

  2. Hey Trevor and all other readers!
    First I want to thank Trev for all your helpfull information, Second, I was looking for discount codes for godaddy domains (usually saves me $3-$4 a domain, im a cheapskate! haha) and I came across a coupon code for a FREE private registration with purchase of a domain coupon at GoDaddy. the coupon code is
    it may expire before you read this, but this site-
    is always updating new coupon codes for basically everything that godaddy sells.
    For someone that is a domain whore like myself, this site will save ya tons of dough, theres other sites out there like this one too, just google “godaddy coupon codes”
    skeet skeet

  3. I just reg my domains with a fake name and address but one of many lagit email addresses I use but the rub is this – it is registered in my own godaddy account.

    I keep each email address used to 5 to 10 domains and always change the names, address etc. No one can track my domain ownership except by tracking email addresses.

    works for me and you don’t ever get billed or have probs as the registrars only care if they can contact you via email.

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