Simple Steps to Increase Your CTR Tremendously!

Sorry about the long delay in posts.  I have been working on two HUGE projects that required a LOT of my time.  I will be back posting quite a bit more and have a lot of great info for everyone the next coming months!

Anyways……Not to long ago, I noticed Gauher Chaudhry started having a regular spot in CX Digital’s weekly newsletter.  After reading the first couple tips I noticed that everything he was writing was PRETTTTY geared towards beginners.  Which, of course, makes sense.  Nobody that advanced is going to be reading these types of emails really since they already get flooded with offers they should be running and expiration notices and the 10 million other emails you get a day.  Beginners WOULD be scouring through this info trying to pickup any tips they can get their hands on.

However, today I checked out the tip of the week:



By Gauher Chaudhry (Author, Pay Per Click Formula)

Statistics indicate that capitalizing the first letter in each word of a domain results in better conversions.  This is because the user can better read the display URL that may encourage better click-thru rates.  For example, the display URL"" will generally result in a higher click-thru rate than simply using ""


After reading this, I thought I’d quick critique this tip.

First of all, I have looked and never actually found any study done on this so I would love to see which statistics Gauher is talking about.  Gauher, if you see this, comment and let me know.  I’m not calling you out, simply would like to look at this data.

Second of all, this tip works great for any of the results on the RIGHT hand side of the page. 

HOWEVER, for the top spots which show up above the natural results, I show a much better CTR with no drop in conversions by using ALL lowercase JUST like how it would be displayed if it was in natural search results.

So instead of using like Gauher suggests, I would test,,  Destination url’s that are ALL lowercase.

One of the larger impacts I found on increasing your ctr is the destination url, so I usually split test a few different destination url’s right off the bat.

Something else I have found to work pretty good at times (but not always) is to use a call to action in your actual url.  For instance buying the domain, and using subdirs off that

You can also switch that up a bit and try …I’m sure you get the point.  It really comes down to split testing.  If your not testing everything that can be tested, than your not really doing your job.

If you have any questions or any other pointers leave a comment!