Contextual Adware Traffic

I have been seeing a lot of information on adware traffic lately from friends, super affiliates, gurus, and more recently, a few booths at Affiliate Summit. 

I was always under the understanding that this was just a phase or something over hyped.  I think I am finally realizing however, this this may be completely opposite.  I think this may be one of those opportunities for extremely easy-to-get cheap targeted traffic…much like PPC was back in the day.

I have been going over as much material as I can find on this over the weekend and will be pumping out some tests here this week.  It looks as if this will run very similar to PPC so will be very easy to switch over any profitable campaigns.  One nice thing is that there are no actual ads to be written, so it should take much less time to actually put up campaigns.  I can basically just take most of my converting keywords from my PPC campaigns, expand them a bit, and be ready to start firing traffic away.

Some of the networks I have heard decent reviews from are,, and so I am probably going to start off testing these networks.  I have heard that zango is a bit pricier, but as I have found many times before, that isn’t always a bad thing.  I stopped by Media Traffic’s booth out at Affiliate Summit West and had a decent talk with one of the representatives.  They certainly helped answer a few of the questions I had so I figure I might as well make sure to give them a shot.  Adonnetwork is supposed to have some of the cheapest bids around so I also thought I should make sure to put these guys to the test.  Hopefully I will be able to report back amazing results to all of you.

I think this source of traffic is very powerful right now and will be one of the things that turns my days into 5 figure ones   Stay tuned this next week to read about all of my tests results.  This should be some good stuff.  If any of you have any experience with this type of traffic, please comment and let me know your experience with it so far.

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  2. Jason G

    Hey Trev,

    I have been experimenting some with Zango.

    I have only ran 10 campagins with Zano at this time. I opened the account with $100.

    I did run a few zip submit offers. I spent $90 and made back around $30. Net loss was around $60.

    I did find out that they only allow 4 words in a keyword phrase and they will only accept specific offers. The offers they would not accept to run (online dating, gaming & music/video downloads).

    I do have a question I need your help with.

    I went over to RevenuLoop to choose some offers, and began to notice that they have contextual links there. I have always just pulled the aff link code from inside the email and banner ads to use inside an IFrame page.

    Will it matter to the advertiser which aff link I pull from inside these creatives (text, email, banner) to use for contextual traffic? The contextual link says to use with contextual traffic only.

    But… I have been pulling the aff link http: code from inside the email, and banner ad creatives and creating IFrame pages.

    I have not tied this with RLoop before. But have done it with other ad networks.

    But I would like to know… if I am putting the aff link inside an IFrame and uploading that page to my own hosting account. How could they tell where your traffic came from? I don’t care to use the contextual link, but I was just wondering it it still will work the same way just grabbing the aff link from inside the the email, text, banner creative and using that.


    Jason G

  3. All the links you grab from that offer will do the same thing. I am not sure of the exact reason they have it like this, I am pretty sure it is for tracking things on there end.

    You ask how they could know where your traffic is coming from. Here is how…

    The network can always see the referral url of the last page to send the traffic on to the offer… So since you will be iframing that offer on that page, your page that is making the iframe request is the referral page. Now if/when the network looks at your stats, they will see your site as the referral and NOT the yahoo or adwords or contextual traffic url they would have seen if direct linking.

    There are more advanced ways of really hiding as much as you can…but I don’t ever really worry about any of that. Remember, (if you aren’t doing anything terribly wrong) the networks WANT you to make money.

    I have also found that with zip offers everyone seems to be MUCH more leniant about everything.

    Hope this helps.

  4. adminx

    which cpa networks allow you to push contextual traffic to there offers…

  5. Many networks do. Just make sure to be open with your affiliate manager about if it is allowed or not. It usually seems to be on a per offer basis.

    Some networks may require you to sign an addendum. I have only had one company ever actually ask me to do so, so don’t expect it to happen often.

  6. Gabe

    HI Trevor,

    How does it go? Any results? Is it worth waisting my time and money on this?

  7. Gabe

    Hi Trev, I have one more question. How much marketing potential do you see in my website Limo Chicago, like advertising for some companies who pay well?

  8. @Gabe Everything is going great. I havent really updated my contextual status and probably should do that soon. I would say it is worth spending your time and money in this area. Just approach it like anything else…be careful, test, and track, and you will be FINE. 🙂

    As for your Limo Chicago site, that is hard to say, if you have any questions on it, get a hold of me privately through email or instant messenger and I can maybe give you some insight.

  9. Pop-under Advertising
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    *Geo targeting is a free of charge option.

  10. Contextual has been very effective .. considering the rates getting better day by day…

    RON can now be pixed up for $2 & Ctx Kw for $10 CPM onwards..

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  12. If you are from a ppv/cpv network, DO not just post comments spamming your networks. If you want to use my blog as advertising space, let me know and offer me something. You could buy banner space or even give me a discount at your company, but please stop coming in here and spamming your companies in my blog comments.

  13. Millie

    Zango (now leadimpact) sucks these days. I installed it on my machine and the popups are more random than ever. Try newer companies like where bids are low and they actually pop your site over the keyword or domain you are bidding on

  14. brightside

    Thx for the linksador idea. I used them and get some conversions

  15. Anurag

    its been growing daily and faster with new inventive tool bars and ad-ware converter softwares coming into play..

    We bought some traffic from company called, the traffic looked different from traditional clicksor traffic we were buying. They confirmed its toolbar adware but it worked out well for my Paid clicking ads and feeds

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