Millnic Media will Rip You Off!

Just wanted to quick put this post out there for anyone thinking about promoting anything through Millnic Media.


Millnic Media Owned

I setup a couple smaller campaigns at Millnic Media last year to test out the network and how they treat me.  Now unlike most people I don’t always care about the highest payout, I look more for things like great service for the affiliates, fairness, honesty.  Now it isn’t often you run into these companies, which is why I tested/test out many networks.  I can weed out the losers.

I can now say that Millnic Media is definitely one of those loser companies.  They have owed me a decent chunk of change for quite awhile and are always filled with excuses.  I have caught them in so many lies its not even funny.  However, to catch them in a lie you have to actually talk to them, which seemed like a nearly impossible task every time I attempted to talk to these guys.

Anyways what finally pissed me off enough to out them like this, is the fact that they claimed my SALES i was making for the advertiser weren’t backing out.  What they didn’t know is that I run this offer at another network where they are backing out just perfectly fine and have been since MONTHS ago when I switched it over from Shitnic Media.

I was always told that Millnic eventually fucks over everyone….I’m just glad I found out so quick and terminated everything with them.  I hope all of you do the same if you are running anything with these guys.

If you don’t know which networks are worth signing up at, networks that WON’T screw you over, check out my recommended CPA networks.  These are all networks that have paid me on time every time, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Anyone else have any horror stories with Millnic or are these guys a nobody network that I should have never tested out in the first place?