Millnic Media will Rip You Off!

Just wanted to quick put this post out there for anyone thinking about promoting anything through Millnic Media.


Millnic Media Owned

I setup a couple smaller campaigns at Millnic Media last year to test out the network and how they treat me.  Now unlike most people I don’t always care about the highest payout, I look more for things like great service for the affiliates, fairness, honesty.  Now it isn’t often you run into these companies, which is why I tested/test out many networks.  I can weed out the losers.

I can now say that Millnic Media is definitely one of those loser companies.  They have owed me a decent chunk of change for quite awhile and are always filled with excuses.  I have caught them in so many lies its not even funny.  However, to catch them in a lie you have to actually talk to them, which seemed like a nearly impossible task every time I attempted to talk to these guys.

Anyways what finally pissed me off enough to out them like this, is the fact that they claimed my SALES i was making for the advertiser weren’t backing out.  What they didn’t know is that I run this offer at another network where they are backing out just perfectly fine and have been since MONTHS ago when I switched it over from Shitnic Media.

I was always told that Millnic eventually fucks over everyone….I’m just glad I found out so quick and terminated everything with them.  I hope all of you do the same if you are running anything with these guys.

If you don’t know which networks are worth signing up at, networks that WON’T screw you over, check out my recommended CPA networks.  These are all networks that have paid me on time every time, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Anyone else have any horror stories with Millnic or are these guys a nobody network that I should have never tested out in the first place?

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  1. Brenda

    Are Maverick Money Makers the same people ?

  2. Maverick Money Makers is some rip off info product from what I can tell.

    Millnic is some rip off network.

    Either way…..steer clear of them both!

  3. Brenda

    Thanks I was just about to part with my money.

  4. Pete

    Hello Trevor and fellow posters

    I have a friend who joined Maverick Money Makers (MMM )and my initial impression is that it looks quite good…with lots of video tutorials teaching various Internet marketing
    techniques and ideas to make money.

    I have compared it with other membership sites that I have seen and I would say that its better than most that I have seen and offered some different topics and ideas for making money
    than just the normal type IM stuff that seems to be on most of the IM membership sites that ive seen.

    whether or not they work or not I dont know as yet, and one concern is how many will be competeing with the same ideas especially for what appear to be the better ideas that claim to make the most or easiest money.

    or maybe some of these ideas will work for many and its just hard to interpretate.
    some markets may be far too competitive while other ideas may work for many and
    it may be a case that many can have a profictable part of the pie, if they can say market and just get say 100 or 1000 opt ins from say a adword type campaign.

    This I am trying myself still trying to comprehend..

    Although I am relatively new to some areas and aspects of Internet marketing in terms of
    the detailed specifics..such as expertise in the likes of SEO, webdesign, or copy.. I believe that I am now starting to get more of an understanding of what it is and how the various topics and parts work when setting up a website etc to promote and aid towards marketing and selling a product or service online.

    ie mainly finding a niche or topic and setting up and creating an offer on a website or finding a suitable affiliate programme and then driving traffic to them and building a list. Then emailing the list and trying to offer them useful information …. then directing them to products on a website that ideally one hopes to promote or recommends if they are an affiliate.

    Yes MMM did suggest using Millnic and some of their products to promote.. and I certainly
    got the impression that some of these may well be products that can be promoted by many
    and still make a lot of money.

    To read your experience is a bit of a concern… and I just wondered when you started with them how were they initially ..

    did you find the products easy to sell and did they pay you well before you had issues with them..

    or maybe it will be down to how each individual goes about promoting their products and how
    much one can afford if using adwords etc.

    so far I have only found your blog that has complained about them.. i just wondered how you found out the other bad stories about them.. ie was it on forums or at events from other affiliates etc ?

    when you say sales you were making for the advertiser….. was this a product of theirs or do you mean the paper or site that you were promoting in ?

    when you say that they claimed your sales for the advertiser weren’t backing out..

    can you claify in more detaik what you mean..

    is this the affiliate companies offer they claim had not actually sold..or gone through or been returned by the customer and therefore they would not pay you….. and that you also ran the same offer at another network…. ie with another similar company to millnic

    cheers Pete

    Anyways what finally pissed me off enough to out them like this, is the fact that they claimed my SALES i was making for the advertiser weren’t backing out. What they didn’t know is that I run this offer at another network where they are backing out just perfectly fine and have been since MONTHS ago when I switched it over from Shitnic Media.

  5. I’m not quite sure what exactly your question is Pete, but I can tell you one thing.

    Millnic Media is a bad company to do business with, they WILL rip you off. I am not the only one that knows this, I have heard many references from friends and other affiliates about being taken by millnic. I have also seen posts on other forums about this. If you dig around google a bit you can confirm this.

    It’s not really a big deal, just join one of the MANY other cpa/affiliate networks out there. The majority of the networks all have the same offers anyways so it’s not like you would really be missing out on anything.

    Check out my list of GOOD CPA networks to join and quit pondering if it’s worth signing up at millnic.

    As for Maverick Money Makers…I don’t know what they offer and I really don’t care. You can find anything you need to know about affiliate marketing for free at places like this blog.

  6. Pete

    Hi Trevor

    I am very new to the affiliate business…so I was not familiar with some of the Affiliate networks etc and the fact they offer the same products as millnic..

    thanks for letting me know…

    I initially jumped in the deep end and bought some IM products… but was left to create my own salesletter and do my own website etc… but I have had ups and downs and never realised
    all the other things like obtaining traffic and building a list are essential… I initially thought I could advertise in a newspaper and get immediate sales… but the competition now makes this much harder than it was and one needs to spend a lot of money etc testing to get the thing to the right standard and in todays market this is hard..

    also ideally one has to be a gifted writer to do articles / email marketing etc and quite bright or have the money to pay others to do the work and this gets expensive.

    I was aware of affilate mktg and I should have done this 1st and tried to build a list before obtaining products…

    If the other CPA networks offer the same products as I was advised to look at then I may be fortunate, but I am not sure if they pay as well as Milnic claims.

    I dont know how best one markets these affiliate offers, but one suggested method from MMM
    claims it will work very well as long as you set it up as they describe.

    that may or may not make a vital difference.

    Anyway hopefully other networks will pay enough to still make it worth while.

    many thanks


  7. Pete


    being new to the affiliate marketing

    I just wondered if anyone could put me in the picture with a bit more guidence

    I have had a quick look at the list of CPA networks

    I was trying to initially see what products that they offer.

    Some do not seem to show you much initially on their website (or at least I could not find what I was looking for) and it seems that you have to sign up before you get to find out.

    I know Millnic wanted my details and said they will get back to me ONLY F I am accepted.

    Some of the other CPA network companys also want you to sign up without giving much details
    of what products and payments that they offer.

    At least one other say they want to telephone me before they will accept me.

    It seems it is not a straight forward instant process..

    A few others however at least do show what products that they have..

    Rocket profits for eg seem to have many offers..

    could I ask which ones that you have found best, or most product selection and most straight forward easy to sign up without a waiting process or need for telephone interview.

    I thought that it would be much more straight forward.

    thank you

  8. Dude… For one FORGET ABOUT MILLNIC!!!

    Who cares if they have the higest payouts or the best offers if they will never pay you!

    Second, this is not as easy as you think. You have to treat this stuff like a business.

    These companies won’t just let anyone in because they don’t want to get scammed, nor do they want the merchants they deal with to get fraudulent traffic.

    The only way to know what offers the networks have is to signup with them. They will review your application to see if you would be a good member to their network and approve your application if you are. There are no networks that just instantly let you promote their offers. They will REQUIRE you to fill out the entire form and USUALLY require talking to you on the telephone also.

    As for what networks I have found to be the best, pay the most, and be the most straight forward….well I already mentioned that in the post AND in my reply to you.

    For the last time check out my page with all the reputable networks I deal with. They are solid companies, won’t rip you off, have great offers, and are willing to work with their affiliates.

    You can find these networks HERE.

    You might as well just sign up with all of them, it doesn’t cost you anything to do so and the worst that could happen is that they will deny your application.

    I will throw a post up soon going over the process of signing up at these networks and go over how to answer the important parts of the application to guarantee getting yourself accepted.

  9. Pete

    Hi Trevor

    just to clarify , I did understand what you said about Millnic and I have looked at you list of CPA networks and attempted to see which ones seemed to give a bit more upfront info on the products that they offer… I have now read that you say one usually needs to sign up in order to find out..

    Thank you for explaining how these companies work.
    and why they need to screen the application. I did not know why, but you have now explained it to me.

    It may be I am being misled to easy riches.

    I was looking to see how many of these networks do the same products as the Ones suggested by MMM … and thats why I was trying to find out what other
    of the CPA network list you gave me deal in them…

    I have been through the list and as I said only a few are upfront about their offers without me signing up to them all to find out.

    I just wanted to test the market and see if works over a 4 week period.

    I would appreciate any best guidence on how best to fill in the applications to have besy chance of being accepted especially if one is a newby… with little experience.

    Thank you

  10. kal

    Trevor, thank you for saving me from a disastorous mistake. I would have lost alot of money with them.

  11. I’ve seen this advertising ploy a million times.Somebody will rip on another company to get you to join there site.Look up any affiliate program on google and usually a couple links down you will see the words RIPOFF.Go into that site and you will see its another site just like the one there telling you not to join.It’s one on the oldest advertising tricks in the book.The person advertising here (Trever) makes sure to remind you on every reply GOOD CPA Networks.He is not looking out for your best interst nor is he concerned about you earning as much money as you can.But he is however concerned about you joining his CPA and lining his pockets with cash.Somebody is getting rich off this CPA offer,Trevor.Look guys,we are in a fucked economy right now,and everybody is undercutting and ripping people off.So,any company in this whole wide world that you join,you are taking a risk.I would suggest that you join an offer with no out of pocket expence and try free methods of advertising so you don’t lose your ass.This way you try it out,make a little money and see if the company pays you.Then just start to trinckle a little bit of money for advertising to boost your profits and see if the company still pays up (accurately and ontime)If not,try a new company and you made a little money and didn’t lose your ass.Good Luck guys.

    • @ “John Doe”

      This is not one of the oldest advertising tricks in the book. If you think that you should definitely not ever come back to my site again.

      You have got to be RETARDED to come in here and NOT see that I don’t plug any affiliate products or sell ANYTHING for that matter. EVERY article is purely quality information on this entire site and the only company that I DO slam is Millnic Media because they are a horrible company and I’m alerting my readers of that fact.

      Also I’m not asking anyone to join my CPA Network…I don’t HAVE a CPA network. I’m only pointing people to the networks I have dealt with that have been awesome.

      As for your suggestion about everybody being undercut and ripped off….yes that was EXACTLY the point of my post. That Millnic is one of those companies that will rip you off. That is why I wrote the post…to warn everyone of that so they DON’T get ripped off.

      I don’t know if your too stupid to understand all of this or were just having a bad day but please don’t come here acting like an idiot anymore. K Thx Bye!

  12. Dawrkness

    John Doe ….you got Pwned.

    I bet you he works for shitnic and is trying a reverse mentality tactic…but failed.

    Trevor, I need some advice on making a living online…

    Can u email me?
    btw thx for this post.

  13. Donsoleil


    Thanks a lot for the great blog – its very useful

    I really want to start earning $ online (since i desperately need it – been redundant and newly married) can you tell me what to do and where to start and some tips for some quick ‘small’ cash –

    Thanks a lot bro.

  14. Richard

    Thanks for the heads up Trevor. I think dawrkness is screwing around with you… yeah you may get some affiliate money from the CPA Networks if someone signs up through your referral link but so what.

    After all, you did mention if anyone gets accepted to any of the referred CPA Networks on your list, you’d help them out with some cash making tips to successfully promote their offers and all they have to do is contact you.

    I think that’s more than fair my friend!

    Also, I got denied everywhere else but MaxBounty and Adam is cool but I’m still learning… haven’t made any money yet. That’s how I found your blog… reading everything I can get my hands on!

    Wish me luck and I’ll check back here again, you’re a sharp guy Trevor!!


  15. carolh

    Hey Trevor,
    I recently entered the business as well. My only previous experience is selling on ebay and other auction sites. I’ve been doing that for 7 years but it’s time for a change so I thought I’d try affiliate marketing. I got suckered into one of those promises of overnight riches through a Online Home Base Business Systems. I’ve learned a little from the program, but it’s really only sufficient to wet my appetite. I just signed up for Millnic Media after reading about it on Maverick Money Makers info ad, and then I stumbled onto your Blog. I’m so glad I did because it’s been very insightful. I’ll definitely bookmark you and come back for more great reading

  16. Max

    Hi Trevor;

    Thanks for the heads-up with Millnic Media.

    I’ve been poking around Affilate marketing for about a year. I have subscribed to Maverick Money Makers and found the info worth the price so far. I’m making money for the last 2 months now and hope to continue as long as I can.

    Question: Which CPA network offers: pay per lead, free trial offers, ringtones and the like. Except for clickbank, you usually can’t review the offers unless you sign up.

    Thanks for your great info blog; just signed up!!

  17. blake

    Trevor,, Im new to the afilliate game.. and im wondering how and what kind of website im supposed to have when affiliate programs ask you for?

  18. Amy

    thanks so much for your article. i was about to give my head to those sharks.

  19. Johnny

    Millnic media really is a terrible company! I have tried signing up with them twice and have even emailed them and called them and no one has responded. If they do not want to accept your application they should at least be courteous enough to let you know so! If signing up with them is such a hassle it seems believable to me that they would screw you over when it comes to working with them. I would stay the hell away from a company like theirs.

  20. Ed

    I signed up a new site with Millnic media in August 2008. They approved the application and wrote ‘PISSY TRAFFIC’ in the comments box ( I was getting 2k visitors monthly). Obviously, I decided never to promote their ads. 10 months later I am getting 500k monthly visitors with 3million page views for the same site, and partnered happily with professional ad networks. I couldn’t believe how a network could have such bad press until I tried them for myself. My advice: stay well clear of these clowns at Millnic.

  21. Hi Trevor
    I agree with you. I had the same experience with Johnny. I had tried to sign up with Millnic three times last week, guess what? I got no response from them. I tried to email them to get help for signing up(I thought it might be something wrong). But I got no response. I called them, but nobody answered my phone. I thought this company had already out of business. I am not going to waste my time on Millnic.
    Maverick Money makers suggested me to sign up with Millnic affiliate program. I had thought Maverick Money Makers had given me the best suggestion on my internet business. But I doubt it now.
    I would like to try some of your suggest affiliate websites. I hope you can give me more advice.

  22. KrlyQ67

    I’ve just recently heard about Millnic when I ran across Maverick Money Makers. The CPA network they use, unless I’m mistaken, is ClickBank. I didn’t have any interest in using Millnic because the fee to join was ridiculously high. Anyway… I would like to know what you can tell me about Maverick Money Makers. I have been researching on how to make money online for quite sometime and there seems to be quite a bit of information on their website; information that would have taken me months to figure out and learn on my own. Did you have a bad experience with them? What is your opinion of MMM?

  23. KrlyQ67

    It wasn’t Millnic that had the high fee, it was Commission Junction.

    • @KrlyQ67 no cpa network/affiliate program should charge you anything to promote their products/offers. I know that I am in commission junction and there was no fee whatsoever when I joined them.

  24. Sorry to hear you had problems with Millnic. I have been paid on time everytime not only that but there as been time’s where because of politics losing valueclick. advertisers weren’t paying millnic and they paid every affiliate anyways.

    Get this whack shit out of here. one

    • @Phil You are a d-bag and have no idea what you are talking about. one

  25. I haven’t tried Millnic and I definitely won’t after reading this post. You got to love to power of the internet. If you try to screw somebody, everybody knows about it!

  26. joshua

    hi is maveric money makers a scam i was just about to join iv read all the coments and it says millnec media is no good but is mmm the same

  27. joshua

    its just its so convince ing and somne people have said its good and some have said it ant!! dont know what to beleve?? whats the one you youse and make$$$$$ off??? plz tell the truth??? thanks

    • @joshua How about instead of asking the same question that’s already been asked, you read the comments where I answer the exact question you asked. I said what I thought of maverick money makers (mmm) already. I don’t use any stupid program to make money, I run a business, not a laugh shop.

  28. Hm i heard they fired Jason for some shady activities. Maybe you were fortunate enough to have him as your ‘affiliate’ manager is why you didn’t get paid.

    • @HH It wasn’t Jason. It was the crooks that are still running that joint.

  29. I’m grateful someone put up this post because I was confused.

    First, most their links don’t seem to work! I tried promoting the few working
    on facebook and the next day they were not working at all!!

    They have gmail accounts for their contacts, what genuine affilate provider
    uses gmail!!

    Even Some of the links on the page dont seem to link to the right

    This millnic media thing was designed to promote maverick money makers. A complete rip off this guy. They even organised an event about how people make a
    million bucks on facebook and posted it on youtube. Silly us we fell for it!

  30. Curt

    I just went to and they are gone. Good call Trevor. As for Maverick Money Makers they are a great membership site when it comes to learning about affiliate marketing. Of course, there are some other great membership sites like Affiliate Classroom and Wealthy Affiliates.

    You mentioned in one of your responses that people can find all they need to know about affiliate marketing for free at sites like yours. While I agree with that I feel that a membership site brings all the information together and really speeds up the learning curve. I feel any one of those sites are worth the monthly fee.

    It’s like buying a non-fictional book. You can find all the information you need for free on nearly any subject through blogs, articles, etc., but purchasing a book will save you so much time and frustration. The author has simply done all the research for you. Doesn’t that make it worth the asking price?

    If your readers want a place that is free and has a lot of great affiliate instruction they should definitely book mark sites like yours as well as checking out Affilorama. That is a great membership type site that is free.

  31. I agree with Curt. I purchased Maverick Money Makers and I can tell you that if it weren’t for that program I wouldn’t have known where to start with Affiliate marketing. It was basically Internet Marketing 101 and until I understood the core principals I would never have been able to have success. YES You can find the information anywhere online, but the fact is I wouldn’t have even known what to look for in the first place if it wasn’t for MMM. As for Millnic Media, I haven’t worked with them, and I’ve heard good things and bad things about them so I guess it’s up to the users experience. Sorry that yours was less than satisfactory.

    • A) Millnic Media doesn’t even exist anymore and hasn’t been operable for quite some time.

      B) How can you say Maverick Money Makers is good when they are telling you that you must join a non-existent cpa network.

  32. Hi trevor I am Delroy I have recently joined a course with andrew reynolds and have just launched my first web site. I was about to join millnic when I came across your forum and I am glad I did, I will be checking out the sites you mentioned as i am about to join some affiliate programs. My website is about “making money with 3G iphone applications” i wondered if you could give me any advice as to creating traffic,as well as the product market. Thank you

  33. I was a member of MMM and I think they suck.
    The info they provide is mostly outdated.
    I was a member for 2 months and was billed 4 times.
    I did get a refund and canceled my subscription.
    The membership site I belong to now is all anyone needs to learn how to make money online.
    Only $27.00 a month not $97.00 like MMM.

    I like your blog Trevor.

    Take Care,

  34. jay

    Hello Trevor,
    Thanks for your information here.Im new to Affiliates and Google ads I wanted to know How much should I start with on my first adword ad ? and should I buy a keyword spy?

  35. Mohammed

    Hi Trevor,

    I am all new to this ads and affilate program, i want to start an easy way to earn smart cash can you help me out with that. As it would be very much help ful for me as i am not satisfied with the salary provided and the basic commodities of life which needs to be purchased for living the price is high rocking, its quite a long time kindly reply me on my mail ID.

    kindly help me with some of the sites


  36. I am all new to this ads and affilate program, i want to start an easy way to earn smart cash can you help me out with that. As it would be very much help ful for me as i am not satisfied with the salary provided and the basic commodities of life which needs to be purchased for living the price is high rocking, its quite a long time kindly reply me on my mail ID.

    kindly help me with some of the sites


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