Blog monetization made EXTREMELY simple!

With the hundreds of different ways out there that I can monetize my blog, I have decided to try something just a little bit different.  I don’t think it makes any sense to go through any sites like or who simply take a cut of the work I am doing.

I wasn’t quite sure what exactly to do until I stumbled upon a pretty badass WordPress (it works on many other platforms also) plugin called OIOpublisher.  This plugin makes it extremely simple to seamlessly integrate my own monetization methods such as site advertising, paid reviews, and more.  With this plugin I can actually setup an affiliate program for my advertising!  I could think of some pretty cool contests to hold now that I have this plugin!

Anyways, I have added some 125 x 125 banner slots, a recommended links widget on the side, and last but not least, I will now be offering to write paid reviews.  If you want to get in on any of this, just find where you want to advertise and click the Advertise Here links that are available.  If you don’t understand that or don’t see the links, than you can always click the Advertise link in the menu bar and this will take you to more information.

The really nice thing about this plugin is that now everything is AUTOMATED!  That is one of the things I attempt at doing during all of my business ventures, automating everything I can as much as possible.  I hate having to waste time on things I don’t want to be doing or that are just filling my time when I could be doing something I enjoy.

I had been looking for a solution like this for a really long time and didn’t think anything existed.  I am guessing many of you have these same problems that I am so  if you are running a blog and need a great way to start monetizing that space…then make sure you check out OIOpublisher right away and start making some more cash flow!