Search Blingo and win cash…I do!

A couple weeks ago on my plane ride back from Affiliate Summit West I sat next to the guy from Publishers Clearinghouse who brings the people their million dollar checks.  It was a pretty cool experience chatting with him, especially since I had always thought that publishers clearinghouse was kind of……bogus.  Ends up they aren’t as bogus as I thought.  I remember at one point when our plane landed he made a quick remark something like "that guy better not be stealing my publishers clearinghouse van window stickers!".  Hahaha

So anyways, this experience reminded me of another company called Blingo because Publishers Clearinghouse bought these guys  out like a year or two ago.  Now at the time, Blingo claimed to give out random prizes as searchers used the search engine.  The deal was that they would give out prizes based on random searches all throughout the day and night.  I was curious as to if this "really worked" so I signed up for an account and used it the maximum of 10 search entries per day.  I never seemed to have any luck winning anything searching….however…I referred a handful of friends over and they actually won a total of three $50 visa gift cards and a free Fandango movie ticket.  The great thing about Blingo is that if anyone you refer to the network wins…so do you!  You actually win the exact same prize that they won.  So I got $150 bucks in visa cash cards and a free Fandango movie ticket for absolutely nothing!

I haven’t been using Blingo as much as when I was first checking it out, but I am going to start using it at least 10 searches a day again.  That’s not bad at all since I normally use google as my search engine and Blingo uses google to pull its results from.  I have no problem using this a few times a day for my searches to get a chance at winning some cash…or maybe something like a new plasma tv.  They do give out bigger prizes like these.

Either way…if you haven’t heard of these guys, go sign up now and start winning some awesome stuff!