Check out the ultimate snake oil salesman.

This is so freakin funny.  This basically reminded me of all the "guru"s and many of the big name guys in our industry

snake oil salesman

With internet access cheaply available to anyone this has opened up the vulnerability of many dingbats entering the area of internet marketing.  The only thing is they seem to think "make money anyway online with no morals" when they should be thinking something entirely different.  It seems like every hack out there has something they are willing to sell you.  Not only are people out there trying to sell you absolute trash, but loads more are out spreading around information that isn’t even accurate.  I don’t know how many blog posts or tutorials I come across online that are just flat out not right.  The information is wrong.  That is in my opinion one of the worst possible things…being fed FALSE information!  Oh well, lucky for you, you found the white hat guy already!

Anyways, this video sums my entire post up and with a lot more comedy added to it.


Let me know who you think the biggest hacks are out there right now! I’m curious…