Keep tabs on your CPA Networks!

When I started all of this affiliate marketing/internet marketing, I started with a very organized infrastructure….however I didn’t know how to correctly handle everything on the business side.  I just got done getting everything ready for my CPA to do my taxes and let me tell you it was NOT fun.  However, out of everything bad, comes a good.  As I was looking through all of my cpa networks, I found 2 networks that hadn’t paid me a significant amount.

If I wouldn’t have caught this, I pretty much can guarantee I wouldn’t have gotten this money that belonged to me.  One of the networks I had been calling and calling and calling and leaving messages, but getting no reply.  I actually found a personal line to someone at the company and contacted him that way.  The other network I dealt with was very responsible about the matter and it was just a little mix up.  The nice thing is I will be quite a bit richer when this cash comes next month.  Its kind of like a bonus.

Either way, I wanted to mark the importance of keeping organized with everything and to KEEP TABS on what the networks owe you!