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Well the last week I threw up some new campaigns and wanted to play around with Camtasia Studio so I decided to make a little "proof" video of the work I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks.  I did this intentionally to show a couple of my family members the possibilities of internet marketing in a "cool" fashion, but my buddy talked me into throwing it up on the blog for everyone to see instead….oh well.  Here you go!





 By the way, I know this isn’t the best video solution…I’m working on something.  For now though, if you can’t see the video, you can click the little full size icon right next to the audio in the lower right hand part of the player.  This will maximize it to full screen so that you can make everything out.

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  1. Eric Larson

    Hello Trevor. I really like your style, I think you are a good honest haman being. (-:

    I would like to ask you a few questions.

    1) Are there other sites and blogs, anywhere you go for good comforting reading on internet marketing and affiliate marketing?

    2) I went to Digg as you suggested and looked for old articles in my niche, then tried to do as you say for ranking. I assume the links have to go back to your main site not subsites, and also can you detail the area to look for articles… do I post responses on the digg site or actual site where client has good page rank, and why does the article have to be old, if there is a new article and we did the same thing what is the difference?

    3)I got my affspy account approved thank you should be good…

    4)Can you give a better detail on CPA networks and where you work this, and how it works? What about co-reg leads?

    5)Would you consider an internet marketing project as a partner…You have the savvy I need…I have created a whole new industry….not product……or niche……a complete industry. Let me know if your interested email me


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