I’m $2.02 richer today after checking the mail!

Just ran out to check the mail and had a letter from Justin Barr from Revolution 202.  Justin also runs AffBuzz which is a really sweet affiliate blog aggregator (in case you don’t already know).  I have talked to Justin a few times and he has always been a really helpful guy.

So back to today, I opened up the letter and heard *clink clank* on the ground.  I looked down and there were two pennies.  I picked them up and checked out the letter and it was from the 202 team. I would have to say, it caught my attention and I thought it was a pretty good job at branding themselves.

revolution202 postcard

If you haven’t heard of revolution202, this is a network started by the 202 team (prosper202, tracking202 pro, stats202, etc).  These guys provide a lot of good services and are now expanding their cpa network to the public.  If you don’t have an account, I recommend signing up with them and checking out the service and offers they can provide for you!

If you have worked with revolution202 or the 202 team before leave a comment and let me know what you think!