Finally got myself a dedicated server!

Well I finally switched over to a dedicated server instead of this shared hosting nonsense.  I didn’t expect things to get to the point where I would need to switch over but that day has cometh.

I would encourage any of you who are on a shared account to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server if you plan on being in this business for some time.  Its much easier to start out right instead of have to migrate a bunch of stuff over and adapt to the new environment.

I noticed that when I started pushing some really large amounts of traffic, my shared account just couldn’t cut it.  I was getting load times that were much slower than before and we all know that is something we DO NOT want in our industry.

I also was having trouble running certain php scripts because of restrictions in place at my current host.  I would run scripts and they just didn’t run, or would produce errors.  Now that I am on a dedicated server, everything is running smooth.

Anyways, I would love to hear any stories of why you have switched over to a better solution…and how it went for you.

UPDATE: I would like to add that I now have a private network with multiple dedicated servers.  The upgrade was mostly because I needed a much more powerful server for my tracking script’s database.  I was simply pushing way to much traffic for the dedi I had….so now I have a few servers, each for different tasks.  The nice thing about all this is that I get my servers from Softlayer and you can upgrade very easily there.  This is BY FAR the best company I have ever dealt with when it comes to this kind of stuff.  Any problem I’ve ever had I submitted a ticket and within minutes recieved help from Softlayer.  If you are looking for somewhere to get solid hosting/servers from…this is the place!