Namecheap = Free SSL Cert & Free Whoisguard

Well I have finally decided to switch to namecheap from now on.  I have purchased hundreds if not thousands of domains from godaddy since they first sprouted up and regardless of using the notorious coupon codes to get discounts, it still doesn’t compare to namecheap.

The first reason I decided to switch is because I am sick of being charged an additional 10 bucks everytime I want whoisguard protection.

Second reason? Because I like using SSL with my sites and these guys give you a FREE ssl cert with EVERY purchase.

Not the longest post ever but figured if you don’t know about this it would be a nice thing to know!

One thing to note is that if you browse directly to and buy a domain I don’t think you get the free SSL cert.  If you go through this link you get the free whoisguard AND the free SSL cert.