Filter Out Junk PPC Traffic With Negative Keywords…

When creating your PPC campaigns I sure hope you are using negative keywords wisely.

The ONLY way you won’t have to use negative keywords are if you use exact match keyword phrases only!

Anytime you are doing your keyword research, you should keep your eye out for any keyword that doesn’t relate to the product or service you are promoting.  You should also read through the keyword phrases and see if there are any phrases that don’t really qualify for your specifications.  So for example, if you are promoting something and you are seeing support or cancel in some of the phrases, these are also keywords that should be added to the negative keyword list.

You should also go search Google and Yahoo (even MSN if you want ) to look for any results in the SERP (search engine results page).  Like before, anything you see here that isn’t related to what you are promoting should be added to the negative keyword list.

This negative keyword list you have generated will now do quite a few helpful things for you.  First of all, it will prevent your ad from being shown to unqualified visitors, which will result in your ad getting a much higher CTR since the ad will be targeted so much better than before.  Also, by having this negative keyword list you weed out any unqualified clicks to your ad by not even allowing the ad to be show.  This results in a lot of saved money from wasted clicks.

If you do this, and see your impressions go WAY down…this means you were definitely not managing this campaign effectively or efficiently.

If you aren’t using negative keywords with your campaigns, then get in to adwords, adcenter, YMS or wherever you use, and get these loaded into your account right away.  This will cut your costs down and get your ctr up…something we all need!